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If I could turn back the time? I wouldn’t.

“Everything happens for a reason and believe in what you pray for. Trust God’s right timing.” are the top 3 on my list that I continuously remind myself every single day. It’s also about having strong faith, and waiting with perseverance.

If we’re meant to be with “that” person, God will make a way. If it’s not, cos He only wants the best for us at His time. Whenever he thinks we are ready, or He is ready. He will make a way.

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β€œi can’t get you out of my mind even in the busiest time of the day”

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Good Vibes here

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β€œLoving yourself is about making choices that make you happy.”

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β€œDear God, take people out my life that need to be out my life & bring people in my life that need to be in my life.”
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β€œMay you fall
in love with
who never
gets tired of
saving you
from your
own chaos.”
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It’s been a long day.

We parted with lips pursed—behind them are words we fear to utter, for we do not know the possibilities of its harrowing upshots. They are bullets inside those triggers we fear to pull, for we are not aware what it will hit—nor we know if it will surprisingly ricochet and get back inside our guns. It’s an odd comfort. We parted with unsaid thoughts and silenced symphonies. I hugged you, but I can barely feel the cadence of your heartbeat nor your pulse ringing. Everything were cut short for a while. The hug lasted for almost three minutes, seemingly aware it might be the last.

“I love you. Yes, I always do.”
“We still have tomorrow, I love you.”

Whilst I silently hope for an infinite tomorro w, a part of me already knows everything was not meant to go infinitely—even that tomorrow that beckons us into the hallway of oblivion. Everything is intended, albeit it feels like thousands of bullets are spraining me into fragments.

I get back home. Tried to sleep. I closed my eyes, and drifted off.

I was awaken by the gentle breeze that embraces me such another subtle comfort. I get a mug of coffee, and intentionally get back to bed. Inhale. Exhale. Think.

The thing is everything has gotten bizarre. This is not the same breeze I used to welcome during small hours like this. Never think ill of all these things. You are not the problem in this predicament. It’s me, and my awful thoughts. It’s me, and my disparate figments. Of course, I love you and you know I always do. It’s just that things seem unfit. I feel like I’m caged in a box with a profusion of all my fears. Fear of the inevitable, fear of the ephemeral. I just can’t go on with all this commitment has to offer me with bare overdue of my insanity.

I tried counting the fleeting days. And it was all worth it. It feels like the autumn leaves and my ribs are alike. Everything will soon be over.

I love you, I always do.

But we are galaxies soon to be smoldered into dusts. Leaving the skies harmless and untouched. We are stars that cannot meet. You are better, and you deserve better. Unfortunately, I am not that better half of you.

I’m letting you go. I’m setting you free.

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I decided not to look back on the things that I’ve lost, instead just focus on what I have now.

No turning back this time.

I thank this night and I thank God for letting me realized it.

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you’re not too sensitive. you’re not overreacting. if it hurts you, it hurts you

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β€œStop stressing over it, just let it be, everything will be ok.”
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β€œI am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.”
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β€œThe hardest thing to do now is to forget the way you smile and laugh, the way you tease me, and the way you used to touch me.”
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Before, I used to cry for just the sake of letting it out, but then I learned that it’s nicer to cry when you’re crying to the Lord, most especially with a prayer and just letting it all out to him; telling him to take away all the pain. Then you will just wake up the next day– light and loved & that’s when you know He’s got you covered up. 😇🙏

β€œEvery day you are blessed with new opportunities to get better. There is no reason that you shouldn’t take advantage of those opportunities.”

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